At the Barriefield Meat Market we carry a variety of imported and local cheeses and fresh deli meats made in house.
(Roast beef, and turkey)

Also a selection of European style deli meats.
(Prosciutto, pancetta, salamis, black forest & honey ham, Montreal-style smoked meat)

All salads are made in house daily with only the freshest ingredients all are preservative free and some are gluten free from traditional to contemporary.

Choose from:

  • A variety of potato and coleslaws
  • Southwest beet and carrot
  • Rendezvous,a delicious  blend of spinach and basmatti rice raisins and nuts. 
  • Tabouleh,a light fresh kinois salad with fresh cucumber,tomato and just the right amount of lemon  
  • Asian noodle salad, slivers of carrots and peppers 
  • Curried chicken salad

And many more

Selection varies daily, starting from $1.10 per 100 grams.

*All listed prices do not include tax.